by Makadem

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released January 1, 2005

All songs written and composed by Charles Odero Ademson (Olovo Makadem)

Executive Producer: Tabu Osusa

Mixed and Mastered by Alfie Minjire

Recorded & Arranged by Gabriel Omondi & Jesse Bukindu

Assisted by Steve '64' Kivutia

Design by Steve '64' Kivituia


all rights reserved



Ketebul Music Nairobi, Kenya

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Track Name: Ohangla Man
This is the story of Ohangla Man, who was used to eating at his neighbours' and drinking free beer, free chang'aa, free busaa, free munzai and free muratina and always seducing vilaage women so he goes away hoping for the same in America

Nikweli Ma Sipendi
Kejeli Ma Sipendi
Nikweli Ma Sipendi
Sipendi Ma Sipendi x 2

Sitarudi naenda Amerika kutafuta
Sitarudi naenda Uingereza
Kutafuta Pauni
Sitarudi naenda Japani kutafuta
Sitarudi naenda Uropa kutafuta
Sitarudi naenda zanguwe
kutafuta Shillingi

Bye bye Afrika, ma mama land
Bye bye Kenya we, ma homeland
Bye bye bye bye, aah ah! Bye bye!

Just like euku ng'aa lilo ng'aa
Loki ji oyaro yamo n'ali kede jame
So is Makadem wuod gi aboke

Life olokore na ataro
Ing'ong' wang'l - yawa ing'ong'wang'i x2

Ol' ma bags are packed and intact,
I'm out of here for big money,
Ji oola gi wachona gik moromo atim,
Nobody helps you nobody cares,
Ing'ong wang'l yawa ing'ong' wang'i


Ohangla man goes to suffer,
The visa was for three months is expired
The man has no friends
The man realizes that he needs to live there with money
And the place is very very hard to deal with
Very very cold, very far away from his mother, his friends

Nikilia yelele - wanansema wololo
Nikicheka yekeke - inakuwa ni wololo

Order, I tell you that Ohangla man in America
He is stranded; he has no visa and no green card
You know what he has overstayed his visa
So he decides to go underground
But they catch up with him
Andy they've decided to deport him back home
Back to Africa the poor fellow has practically nothing to return to

Akitaka wembe mtoto amaze apewe dawa x3

Obusama othire
Amatoke othire
Kuon re thire
Sukama wiki othire
Everything othire, everything is money
Urafiki othire x2

Emawe mawe!! Natamani kwetuwe x4
Goodbye America
Bye bye Deutschland
Goodbye England,
Bye bye Italia x2

Sitarudi Amerika jamani ni wananfiki,
Sitarudi Uingereza jamani ushoga mwingi,
Sitarudi Japani jamani kuna ubaguzi,
Sitarudi Uropa jamani ni kubaridi x2
Goodbye Amerika....
Good bye, Good bye!
Track Name: Kisumu Bound Bus
I've been living in Ojuok just like Isaya jangoma
Life in Alego
Now I hear of a big town if I get to Kisumo
I'll Get a bus to Nairobi
I said bye to life with Ongeche went to the city
To find a job from Odiero
Kanene achopo Kisumo
When I reached Kisumo
Kakamega bus otera
Kericho bus otera
Nakuru bus otero
Naivisha bus otera
Eldoret bus otera
Odiero kane neena, Odiero saw Rafuok
Rafuok odonjo e dalla a big town like Nairobi

In a Kisumo boundu bus
Kisumu boundu bus

I am travelleing in Landimawe

Drink in Kariobangi thum obagi mpake chee
My name is Makadem an emi oora kuma yamo dookie
Mimi siendi kona kona
I've seen many jorochere driving nyamburuku as a cobla e duk odiero
Buoch onywo kongo mon miel ye gafuonge
Buoch onywo kongo mon miel ye aduge
Wuololo mayie wuololo yelele wuod alego
Asebodo kathagora athaga akia kata oswayo jay jay
Pod oswayo thago
Kanene Ochei Onagi when Onagi got paid
System oketie bus turn boy ngao malo
Sofa set oket ie bus, TV set oketie bus
Kabad be oketie bus turn boy ngao malo


Kuma ibedie mama wuololo kuma ibedie
Kuma idakie mama yelele kuma idakie
Kuma iponde yawa wuod onagi kuma ibedie
Kuma ibedie mama wuolo kuma ibedie
Kum idakie mama wuolo kuma idakie
Kuma iponde yawa wuod onagi kuma ibedie
Donge ineno dalia, donge ineno pacho
Ineno thuru, wuolo mayie
Wuolo yelele wuod alego
Track Name: That Comb
I say give me back that comb I comb my hair
Give me back that comb I comb my hair
Jaluo my borther, good morning japolo
Life in the city, not easy after all
You come to my brother, I give you my comb
One two three days by you borrow my mirror
And when I ask why bro, you off to carnivore
And now you're telling your sister, you really in need of cash
To pay your rent and to buy cigarettes
And when you get some shilling
You're off to carnivore


Jaluo nyam nyam, gor biro number one
Koti kod long marachar, koth biro jacani
And now your telling your mother, to give you some salt,
She gives you some salt, she even gives you some sugar
And now your telling your dad,
baba I need a piece of land
He says to start a home, you need a spear and a shield
Your neighbour says a lot,
enough to fill a paper roll
You are the joke of Carnivore
Even the talk of Carnivore


She goes up up up up up up
She goes higher
She goes down down down down down
She goes under
We go side by side
Left right centre
Track Name: Sami Hooyi
Biro chopo seche makoro we olore
Wu pogore
Biro tundo kinde makoro we yanyore
Wu goore
Ubo tundie odiechenge ma qu riembere
Obir re, odhigre, ochunre yawa osinre
Olingre, odagre, owuore, yawa ojogore

Omio sami dembi dembi - demba demba!
Omio sami hombi hombi - homba homba!

Omio sami hooyi hooyi - hoya hoya!
Omio sami lombi lombi - lomba lomba!
Omio sami sayi sayi - saya saya

Sikele mama badala ya
vigelegele wasamba mbele
Wasahau nzele majonzi tele umcheza shere
Penzi mshale wlisema, waze wa kale
Ushikwapo shikamana yame
kukuta ya ulimwengu leo twaku karibisha
Kuna kupanda na kushuka na
kicheko na kilio katika maisha
Penzi sipendelee mpenzi wako msoglee umpokelee
Akilia milwaze akicheka mchekeshe, mpenanee
Track Name: Nya Malo
Nya malo yie ikony chunya
Rit mondi mondo iresa mama
Bet piny buta mondo imaka
Hoori moss moss ihoya

Dhier omaka neko bende dwa chaka
Pap oduwre kik ideu wabo suwre
Oberana in ema heri nyaka hirna
Ling alinga to ngama chandi en nga
Kingima kik badhi mirima
Huye huye huye huye huye!


Am in a valley, going down the river
Lucy my darling just be a believer
Am going hunting, I bring a lions liver
You see my lovely your man is an acheiver
Don't cry oh mama, I'll be home nana
Don't cry oh, I'll be home

Track Name: Kalamba Jiggy
Nanyua madafu mama sina vita na mutu
Kelele, kelele mama si kelele' X2
Nanyua madafu mama sina vita na mutu

Kijing, kijing, kijikibo
Everybody needs a goodtime
Kijing, kijing, kijikibo
Everybody needs a goodtime,
every man
He needs a woman fulltime
All the others I see having goodtime
From villages to big towns having goodtime
Kijing, kijing, kijikibo
I wonder why don't women love me
Or is it because I am a very short man
Or is it because they think I am a very ugly man
Or is it because they think I am a very poor man
Or is it because they think I got no any money
Down in Afrika a lot of women
From Swaziland to Sudan many ladies
Down in South Africa a lot of girls
In my homeland Kenya very beautiful ones
Kumba kumba - x4

Kalamba jiggy
Kalamba jiggy jiggy jiggy boh
Kalamba jiggy, kalamba jiggy x 4

Sijapaata we, sijapata mke x 3
Sijipaata we, sijipaata bibi eh
annaye ni panda mama eh
Kamuona mchonyi, akani acha
Nikamuoa muhindi, akani acha mama
Kamuona muzungu, akani acha
Nikamuoa mujaluo, odhi oduogo

Track Name: Nyaktiti
Booooh Nyandalno
Nyaktiti to ema ogoona ngerono

Achieng' was her name because she was born in daylight
Daughter of ruoth, a chief, a girl very bright
Rateng' ka mudho to lake tar racharr dhirr
Till a big snake befriended the aughter of nyipirr
Achieng' nyamam I love you but only you and I should know this alone and if not you will die
baby give me a chance she nodded thuol let me try
Here nopoto Achieng' never told a lie
Season after season many questioned her action
Spilling all the beans to her self destruction


Kiwinjie ka thuol lounge jabber kiwinjie
Achieng' nyaber nyagotoyo kuma intie
To tienda gima acham atuoni baba donge yie
Gir thim omuonyo dacha omiyo awerie
Athongo wadwa kiwinjie amal luongi

Achieng' ma dear how sweet is that zombie
Beauty and the beast is that your story


Waya penja ni ng'ama ogooni ngerono
Day penjo ni ng'ama ogooni ngerono
Kwara penja ni ng'ama ogooni ngerono
Mama penjo ni ng'ama ogooni ngerono
Baba be penja ni ng'ama ogooni ngerono
Neera penja to ng'ama ogooni ngerono

Track Name: Priscilla
The other day I had you tell mother you had a fever
When she asked you to go fetch at fire wood at bad kodyello
For four days you've been spending all day in the chama
And now your friends are asking where you re am not suprised
Here at home everything is dirty junior smells urine

Only your machete and jembe are clean the pot is empty
Everyone in the village says I should beat you up
By my grandfather say let the woman pack and go

Priscilla go, go to your father
I say go, go to your mother
Priscilla go, go to your grandma
I say go, go see your uncle
You better go

I am tired of fetching water go
I am fed up of cooking you better go
You good for nothing you woman go
Go bring back my rooster, goat and cow

Since we married your daughter it's the third time we sent her back
But today we come to eat and drink and take her home
Here with us are two rams and two pots to drink all night
To put the past behind us lets celebrate
We all know that Priscilla was not good to be a wife
Our people say when a child wants a knife let him get cut
As he led us off with his daughter he coughed and said
Son if you're fed up don't beat my daughter send her back

Track Name: Mandolina
Uwooh minalia, naminalia
Mandolina Come back my baby

Usijitenge mabaya kuweka mbele
Mazuro yakumbuke tazama
nyuma tuliko toka
Kwani si vizuri kuipangua familia
Makose tuliyakosa hayo ni mambo ya nyumbani


Mami ni wewe malkia wangu wa moyoni
Kwako babo nina imani
Tafazali nieleze ni utani
Skiujua mama tuta wachana
Kwaa mapenzi yetu mandolina tulipenda kupenda


Cause everytime I see you I feel you
Nyumba nimefagia uje ingia
I'm asking the lord to bring ya njia napalilia nikilia
I hear your voice in my ear how you call me dear very clear
Losing mandolina is my fear thus nana lia mama mia
Wooi woi wooh

Track Name: Dhi Ndalo
Moss na go musawa greet my daughter moss na go
Moss na nyara musawa hallo my daughter moss na go

I love nya komollo to puro ngeny kodero
Nya kalando spring chicken nyaber dende yom poi
To mama gi baba kia wach ber no jodongo dwaro jadayo
Jodono dwaro jatich baba ber otimo arigo
Jaduong the woman of today I tell you can't do thinga thinga
You don't get married nee chuo oling' aling' a
You don't tell her you don't beat her
You don't beat her you don't tell here.

Moss na bwana - hodi hodi-hodi
Moss na go - hodi hodi-hodi
Dhina mna ndalo ber ichambo ber timo ango
Dhina mna ndalo

But misee yoo old man you don't understand
Dhako michayo no that woman has power in the shilling
Some times she pays or some times ochooma
The two cows you milk now father don't make me cry
Am sorry yooh awuoro wuod muganda
Yama oloko mon obet angewa the wind has changed

Track Name: My Dota
Mma my DOTA she likes to dance
Mma my DOTA mma my eeh!!
Mma my DOTA shelikes to shine
Mma my DOTA mma my eeh!!
Mma my DOTA she likes to wine
Mma my DOTA mma to eeh!
Mma my DOTA she likes to party
Mma my DOTA mma to eeh!

Tonite is the nite
Tonight, we gonna have a disco dance
Ohangla, Benga, all the way to Kilmanjaro
So every woman, every man every young gal every boy

Coz every woman is coming down wid a man
And every gal hand in hand wid a boy

Every body lets have a good time
We gonna do Ohangla!!


Crazy sexy looks it's a fire in the jungle
Its summer time for boys and girls down to the beach
The benga beat, Anglo - Ohangla beat
Full moon beach party!

Track Name: Nya Nairobi City
Onge gima chanda yooo ka yudo kinde warom
Aneno niya nya mama gimoro ema nitie
To chunya dikre adika yawa yie ing'wonna mama
Alamo nyingi Nyasaye modo igwedha baba

ber odhingo jalego
Hera ni emaleko dacha
Nya Nairobi city ber ohingo pacha
Athagora athaga
Nya Nairobi city ber ohingo rieka
Abodhera abodha
Ber ohingo jalego
Herea ni emaleko dacha

Wuoko sama awuotho dacha agombo mono aneni
Nyako ma dho ng'ute no ong'ado nyong' yie imiya berni
An awero oberano, lando yie miya berno
Jathum oloyo ajuoke kelo mor nyaka e liel
Adhiyo Uganda, Tanganyika atungi aso kwano ndalo dweche apare gario higni
To neko mi miya d'inge yawa nyathi jokena ikonya
Ma rembea chikre achika laktar kelna yath ikonya

Ber Ohingo jalego
Hera ni emaleka dacha
Nya Nairobi city ber ohingo pacha
Athagora athaga
Nya Nairobi city ber ohinga rieka
Adodhera abodha
Ber ohingo jalego
Hera ni emaleko dacha

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